Work With Me Telephone Answering Service

Special entry level package for only R420 per month! 

Enjoy all the benefits!!!

Ans 50

Answer 50

  • Dedicated telephone number.

  • Calls answered in your company name.

  • Any number of users - we can add all your employees to the system enabling us to take messages or transfer calls to anybody in your organization.

  • Ans 50 is very cost effective, perfect for start ups or smaller companies.

  • Month to month billing - no contracts.

  • Itemised billing: Once you have exceeded your Package Bundle

    • Calls Answered    - R8.50 per call.

    • Calls Transfers     - R2 per minute/per second billing

    • SMS's                    - R0.69 per SMS

    • Emails                   - R0.00 per email


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Work With Me Answering Service

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