Professional Telephone Answering Service

If you do not have a full time telephone operator, you're losing business!

Work with me answering service

Telephone Answering Service - HOW DOES IT WORK?


  1. On registration, you will receive a dedicated number:

    • Main area codes available (JHB - 010 and 011, Cape Town - 021, Durban - 031, Pretoria - 012)

    • Or choose a national 086 code

    • Clients call directly on your new number, or to your existing number which is forwarded to us.

    • Porting of numbers are also available

  2. We answer your calls in your company name:

    • One of our trained agents will answer your calls professionally, in your company name.

    • Our agents also screen your calls to stop Tele marketers wasting your time.​

  3. We forward the call or take a message

    • We then forward the call to you, or we take a message and notify you via SMS and email. Our agents can also forward calls to any person in your company.

    • We can email sales brochures and documents to your callers on your behalf.

  4. Calendar management - our agents make appointments and bookings for you.

  5. No contracts, we operate on a month-to-month basis.

  6. Quick setup. On receipt of registration, we can start answering your calls within 2 hours.

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